SP Message

Dr. Arti Singh (I.P.S)
Superintendent of Police, Aurangabad

On behalf of Aurangabad Rural Police, I welcome you to our Home Page.

          The Aurangabad Rural Police, a professional law enforcement agency, is engaged in prevention of crime, maintenance of law and order, management of traffic and in the co-ordination of various services provided by many other organizations that help in maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of Aurangabad District.

          Police Department, being the most visible arm of the Government, is often the first point of contact between the citizens and the local Government. We, at Aurangabad Rural Police, are conscious of the great responsibility bestowed on us and are fully prepared to assist you in all possible ways.

          Aurangabad Rural Police through its various community policing schemes has been constantly striving to improve its relation with the citizens of Aurangabad District and ensure highest level of public safety and welfare for them. We are conscious that without citizen’s support we would be far less successful in our endeavor to serve the community.

Dr. Arti Singh (I.P.S)
Superintendent of Police

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