Motor Transport Branch

Quick and Ininteruppted movements is quite important in Police Department. Solving Critical Problems withholding all Laws And Orders, for Maintaining all the safety measures for VVIP Personalities, all the major security planning, and regular Police Department Work, there is always a need for vehicles that run well on the road and are mechanically secure. The Department of Motor Transport carries out all important tasks efficiently.
Superintendent of Police, Aurangabad Rural, Motor Transport Department has a total of 325 two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Out of which 135 are four-wheelers and 190 are two-wheelers. According to the post on the establishment of Aurangabad Rural Police, vehicles have been allotted to Thane Police and other branches as per permissions. To expedite the movement of the police and perform various duties, vehicles are available in the Motor Transport Department as follows :

Huge Vehicles

1. Prison Van(To be brought by the accused)

2. Personal carrier

3. Goods Truck.

Lightweight vehicles

1. Personal carrier- (Light Van)

2. Jeep

3. Car

4. Motor Cycle

Special Vehicles

1. Forensics Van

2. Dog Unit Van

3. Bomb Detector and Destroyer Van.

4. Vajra Van(Riot Prevention Vehicle)

5. Water Tanker.

Also, 4 Riot Control Squads are deployed at the police control room 24 hours a day. The Department of Motor Transport is under the supervision of the Deputy Inspector General Of Police, Motor Transport (Technical).

The Department of Motor Transport, Aurangabad has appointed an Inspector of Police for the Management and control of rural areas and oversees all the following branches under his charge.

1. Transportation

2. Repair and Maintenance

3. Treasury Transactions (Petrol, Oil, lubricants and respective spare-parts)

4. Keeping records of Motor Department.

5. Administration.

The Department Of Motor has appointed a driver for Transportation and a Mechanic for maintenance repairs. Also for daily scheduled work, prompt settlement of vehicles is done accordingly. Along with this, according to rules, as the vehicles lose their capacities, the vehicles are nominated and publicly auctioned. A proposal is also submitted to the senior official to procure new vehicles to balance the shortage of damaged vehicles.
Motor Transport Branch
NameShri. Mahendra Mohod
DesignationPolice Inspector
Police StationMotor Transport Branch
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