Anti Terrorism Cell

Shri.Manisha Latpate
Police Sub Inspector

Aurangabad Rural Police Anti Terrorism Cell is responsible for anti terrorism activities in Aurangabad district.

The main task of the Aurangabad Rural Traffic Police is enforcement whist accidents are being investigated by the traffic branches of respective station;

    The Anti-Terrorism Cell (ATC) is special Police Force in Aurangabad rural police.

  • The cell is responsible to stop terrorist attacks and activities in the Aurangabad district.
  • The cell get information about anti-national elements working in any part of district.
  • The cell co-ordinate with State and Central information agencies, like IB, RAW and exchange information with them.
  • The cell track and eliminate activities of terror and other organized crime syndicates.
  • The cell detect rackets of counterfeit currency notes and smuggling narcotic substances.

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